ENTE's PadSpace (Q3A) 20 Years Feature

20 Years of ENTE’s PadSpace

Today 20 years ago ENTE published his seventh PadMap, PadSpace for Quake 3 Arena. In contrast to his previously released maps PadGarden and PadPool in the so-called Lilliput style, ENTE turned to a map with normal size again with PadSpace, but this time in a science fiction setting. PadSpace is a part of a space […]


Tutorials of The Brain updated

Also our PadMember The Brain wrote several tutorials for World of Padman in the past, which could be found at different places on the internet. As of today they are available on our tutorial page and deal not only with mapping but also with creating modifications for WoP and dedicated WoP servers. The first tutorial […]

ENTE's PadPool (Q3A) 20 Years Feature

20 Years of ENTE’s PadPool

Today 20 years ago ENTE released his sixth map; PadPool for Quake 3 Arena. It represents a duck pond at night, surrounded by a switch box, a stone cliff, hedges and has many surprises in store. It is ENTE’s first fun map, which he created as a commissioned work for the German Q3A EntenClan. Like […]

Enough cartridges collected? So quickly into the teleporter. News

Create maps for CTL, SYC and BB

The game types Capture The Lolly, Spray Your Color and Big Balloon in World of Padman all have their special features that level designers need to take into account. Therefore we have revised the mapping tutorials for Spray Your Color and Big Balloon and finally put them back online. Since a mapping tutorial for the […]

ENTE's PadGarden News

Flare mapping tutorials back online

They have just gone online again in a revised form, two more mapping tutorials that focus intensively on flare effects and lens reflection effects, so-called flares in World of Padman. The first tutorial explains how to add dynamic or static flares to the light textures in your map. A flare is a kind of glare […]

WoP main menu News

Menu music loop revised

What is the first thing you get on your ears after the start of World of Padman, apart from the sound of the intro? Right, the music loop of the main menu. This brute rock composition comes from the wonderful Ronny Rasmusson, alias RaZZ, from the Swedish industrial band Dieselkopf. This music loop was created […]

ENTE's PadGarden new version (Q3A) 20 Years Feature

20 Years of ENTE’s PadGarden

20 years ago ENTE released its fifth PadMap; PadGarden for Quake 3 Arena. It represents a small garden with a pond, deck chair, sand castle, barbecue and a bird house. The special thing about it is that it is ENTE’s first PadMap in the so-called Lilliput style, because the player is not much bigger than […]

ENTE's PadPack re-release News

ENTE’s PadPack is back!

Yeah, you read it correctly! ENTE’s PadPack for World of Padman is back! Almost 13 years ago ENTE adapted his PadPack to the standalone version of World of Padman and released PadCastle, PadGallery and PadCrash in a significantly revised form. When World of Padman was released in version 1.5 in December 2010, many essential changes […]

3aTmE!'s Sinful News

3aTmE! is working on a new map

Some of you will certainly remember 3aTmE! well, as he is an old hand in the [PAD]Community. He already worked on several mod projects for World of Padman and is author of the maps Dead Simple and Coloor, which both run under WoP 1.6. The latter was created on a weekend in summer 2008 and […]